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Damn dude are you trolling right now? If not that's pretty intense. Like, you might have just graduated form Airsoft to RS, that kind of intense. Where is my eyes exploding emoticon

Originally Posted by Slugz View Post
I definitely intend to have fun with it. Personally Id consider the RIA to be a "mid tier" weapon in the 1911 class, with Kimbers and other like brands being top level and Wilson combats and the like being categorized as "full customs". Ive seen 1911s as much as several hundred dollars less than the RIA for the same configuration, and that worries me considering the price of the RIA. Of what I have observed of my own pistol and what I have read other places is that RIA made these guns as a base model without all the costly little frills that other manufacturers add to their guns. Things like front strap checkering, expensive metals, fancy grips, front slide serrations and slide top milling, quality magazines, trijicon night sights, etc... This pistol is made using the bare essentials. It seems built tough enough to handle its job and uses parts that should do the job at least fairly well. Leaving it up to the user how much "extra" stuff they want to add to it. Or you can just spend all that money in one shot and get one already done up by another manufacturer, and instead of being able to say "hey check out what i built" you can now only say "hey, look what i bought". In my mind, building from a base model is always more fun than buying someone elses creation. If the RIA works and runs well with no problems and is accurate, why spend the extra cash on the big boys? I see no point unless the person already has a few 1911s and wants something "factory perfect" as a safe queen or wall ornament. I like to trick things out. Such as my Mossberg pictured below. This pic is a bit old, ive done a bit more to it since including adding a better light to it with a tri rail system clamped between the mag tube and barrel. I just like things to be personalized, and dont want to spend "top dollar" to do it.

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