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Originally Posted by Slugz View Post
It seems built tough enough to handle its job and uses parts that should do the job at least fairly well. Leaving it up to the user how much "extra" stuff they want to add to it. Or you can just spend all that money in one shot and get one already done up by another manufacturer, and instead of being able to say "hey check out what i built" you can now only say "hey, look what i bought". In my mind, building from a base model is always more fun than buying someone elses creation. If the RIA works and runs well with no problems and is accurate, why spend the extra cash on the big boys? I see no point unless the person already has a few 1911s and wants something "factory perfect" as a safe queen or wall ornament.
EXACTLY! Although I do own a couple of safe queens, 2 Colt Gold Cup 80's Series National Matches I got my RIA so I won't have to worry about trashing the colts during matches anymore Took this a while back, since then the RIA got a new trigger, sights and complete wilson combat internals. the Colt, I've had that way since the 90's.

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