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Originally Posted by rromeo View Post
I'm not saying it's okay, but do you think they should just single out buses? What about large vans?
My point was why should the bus get pulled over and not you or anybody else going the same speed?
My point is, a bus carrying many people traveling at a high rate of speed and if involved in an accident causing multiple deaths and injuries would seem to take priority over a single speeder.

I am not justifying any speeding (and yes, I do all the time and risk a ticket)

Originally Posted by Falconis View Post
To answer your question, no I'm not a ChiPy. But I figure I am still qualified to give an answer.

I don't think anyone was going there with that. To answer your other question, which was part of mine, did it occur to you that the CHP officer had something else he needed to get done at that time that was more pressing than the speeder. Just cause he or she isn't doing what you want right when you want it doesnt mean the enforcement never happens. Take it in proportion to speeding in regular cars vs. how many get stopped and cited.
I did not mean to suggest you couldn't answer. I was hoping you were CHP
and answering with some authority.

And of course I considered that the officer could be busy with a myriad of other duties. You seem to think I am not capable of critical thinking. My original question was that, a question, not a statement.

Originally Posted by IrishJoe3 View Post
So Ribkick, you'd be cool if I wrote you a speeding ticket for 70 in a 65?
No, I wouldn't be cool with it but I would have earned it and am not a ticket virgin.

Correct me on my assumption that buses are held to speed limits as trucks and trailers. If that's the case, then he's 15 mph over the speed limit, not 5. If they are held to the highest posted limit, then I'm looking at this all wrong.

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