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Originally Posted by smk View Post
Yeah, that's what I am trying to get around! I have seen some online but the majority won't ship to CA. Looking for a G19, but can't seem to find a decent price on one. LGS said I can order one, but it will be a +/- 3 month wait. May order one and wait...maybe it won't be a big hit if I can make payments.
If you really want one, inventory is out there. You just have to hunt it down.

I was looking for an MP15-22 and was willing to drive 3 hours in any direction. I got on the phone on a day off and called every gun store I could find via Google. It took 22 calls and the store was a little over 2 hours away, but I finally found one.

As soon as the guy said he had one, I asked his price, which was reasonable, told him how far I was driving, reconfirmed that he had one, and got in the truck.

Sure enough, he had one. Was a display model ... but in good shape. He also had several Glocks, a couple of Sigs, and a few others I don't remember in the case. To my surprise, he even had 2 ARs hanging on the wall. I bought the gun and a handful of reloading components.

Point is, if you want a gun now, there are still some out there. You just gotta hunt for them.

Same goes for reloading components. I couldn't find bulk, jacketed .45acp bullets for reloading at any of my usual places. I found a couple of smaller gun stores back east that still had them in stock. They were a little higher priced than what I'm used to, but still reasonable. I bought 2,000.

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