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Originally Posted by jessegpresley View Post
You're right, it's not "lower end", it's low end. Nothing wrong with that, but don't delude yourself. Instead of dumping a bunch of money into an RIA, just shoot it, and enjoy it for what it is. If you find yourself wanting more, then save up for a Springfield.
If I save up for the money SA charges for a 1911 id buy a Kimber or other American made 1911. The fact that SA guns are made overseas was enough on its own to get me to look at other options, like "if im going to buy something not made in the US, might as well look for a cheaper way to do it". But I have no immediate need or desire to spend that kind of money in one lump sum on a gun by itself. The reason I got the RIA was to have something to slowly turn into my own little masterpiece over time, and honestly I like how the RIA TAC is kind of like a base model GI 1911 with a few twists into modern style like the commander hammer and beavertail safety. Makes them unique. Not big on slide grooves on the front of the slide or excessive checkering on the front strap or milling ontop of the slide. It looks cool, no doubt, but its not what I adore about the 1911. I like the simplicity of style that has held for over 100 years. The beavertail and hammer really only add comfort and reliability in my eyes. Didnt like the way the GI RIA felt in my hands. I have big hands and i could feel the grip safety hurting my hand even just holding it in the store

As for whether or not the one I got was "molested" in the store, im sure it was. But not excessively i dont think. The guys there were WAY low on stock of all their pistols and they said they sell out on the RIAs all the time. In fact, i went down to secure some ammo today and a guy was there and kind of upset that I had picked mine up, as he apparently had intentions to snag it but was too late lol So I dont think it sat on the shelf long enough to be manhandled. My observation on the "tolerances" are from the eyes of a person not really acclimated to the platform, so dont take it too seriously. I was just comparing to what I saw on other 1911's in the store and the pictures ive seen of other RIAs from other people. The areas in question all seem to be a smidge less than "matched". But this isnt necessarily a bad thing, and at $500 for the gun I couldnt expect a matched product. I have an auto paint spray gun that was $900 and its machined out to match all its parts. This is a paint sprayer... a pistol is no doubt going to cost a lot more money than that to be machined to those kinds of tolerances. just my 2 pennies.
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