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Is it used? All of the new ones I've been looking at lately hasn't really shown the tolerances you've described. I'm not trying to be combative, it's just the tolerances on the one I bought was tighter than my colt. The RIA's and Citadels at my LGS are the same way.

That reminds me of a RIA 38 revolver I was looking at a couple of days ago. The thing was way problematic, wouldn't fire after cocking the hammer but didn't have problems firing double action, could've been because it was the display model and been molested a few too many times. I'm pretty sure your 1911 will be fine, but, there are a few reports of lemons out there too.

I would suggest to go out and learn your 1911 by using and shooting. But most of all enjoy it! You made a great choice, not many know they are the largest producer of the 1911 platform in the world. They also make parts to supply other 1911 manufacturers. Welcome to the club!
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