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Thank you all for the advice =) I'm definitely confident three pistol will perform well. I gave it a thorough inspection at the store before purchasing it (without actually disassembling it of course) and i didn't notice anything alarming outside of the more "forgiving" tolerances in the construction that are inherent with just about any economic option. Looks good and may perform well but its no precision machined piece of perfection. But i can handle that. Its a gun. I plan to use it, not Sit it on a mantle and gawk at it lol and since I'm not using it for professional target competition, i don't really need that kind of precision enough to spend the thousands of dollars extra required to get it. I guess I'll put a few hundred rounds through it next chance i get, then post my findings here and see from there what steps i should take next. Maybe i get lucky and all i need is grips, A recoil spring and some eye candy =)

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