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Originally Posted by Falconis View Post
I don't know where you get they get special status. They don't as far as I know. But you have to remember, the cop has to see them in order to stop them.
Special status meaning I never see them pulled over and they all, mostly, are flying down the highway.

Are you CHP? No? And I know they have to see them, clock them, etc. to pull over, they sure spot a cell phone user and that's smaller than a bus. But in 35 years no stopped buses? What are the odds?

Good example today: I pull on the freeway, westbound 580 in Livermore at 2:30 PM (my quitting time on a construction site), a CHP is on my on ramp sitting. I merge and a San Joaquin Commuter Bus is in the number one lane flying by at over 70. This is an 8 lane freeway, he couldn't be missed. But he was...

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