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Originally Posted by Brandon04GT View Post
Pretty much everything you listed except for the guide rod, recoil spring and magazines will very likely require extensive fitting and not something that should be attempted by a novice.

I would just maybe get a new coil and mainspring as well as a GI/short guide rod if you'd like. That is all you really need along with ammo to break it in.

There are things you can do to smooth out the internals that doesn't cost money and that alone can produce some noticeable difference if you're really inclined.

The bottom line is, just get ammo and shoot the thing. It aint some high end R/C car or something that needs a whole bunch of upgrades out the box.
+1 the extractor, sear, and barrel all need fitting and a trigger job should only be tackled by a very experience gunsmith with genuine 1911 expertise and my advice is don't go crazy. I suggest just shooting it as-is or dress it up with some pretty grip panels and once you've mastered it as-is get a good gunsmith to do a 4.5-5lb trigger job but no lighter.
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