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Default Question for Cal Hiway Patrol Officers

In my 35 years of driving the highways in our state (I log many miles a year), I have Never seen a tour bus pulled over along the road. They pass me all the time doing 75+, ride my bumper when I'm cruising at 70 (I know, 65) and never, ever have seen them pulled over. Including in the congested freeways of the Bay Area.

It seems logical to me as evidenced by the recent southern California accident, that when a bus does crash, many lives are lost and mangled. It has happened many times on the gambler specials between the Bay Area and Reno/Tahoe.

Why are they given special status? It's not like they don't stick out like sore thumbs.

And with all due respect, it would seem to be a priority to slow these rolling coffins down.

Thank you and most respect.

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