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Originally Posted by JDay View Post
They're probably stalling for new legislation so they can say "sorry but that firearm is now banned".
I thought about it. But its kind of far fetched. They really don't know what I am buying. All they see is "long gun" purchase. With hand guns registration is required, but long guns are not due to start getting registered until 1/1/2014 (unless some other insane legislation gets passed by our despicable politicians).

I am buying 2 over and under shotguns, but "long gun" can mean anything to them. And unless they interpret "long gun" as "baby-killing-spray-firing-fully-automatic-heat-seeking-hollow-point-clip-shoulder-thingy-that-goes-up", there should be no difference what I am buying.

In other news, California democrats have gone full retard today. They are talking confiscation!

General Intro/Outro:
Mayor Lee:
Police Chief Magnus & Police Chief James:
Mayor Villaraigosa:
Senator Hancock:

Edit: Make sure to watch Hancock video. She wants to redefine definition of a shotgun, REMOVE GRANDFATHERING and require fixed magazines on ALL GUNS. And of course she wants to do all of that in the name odf children safety. This **** is infuriating.

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