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Originally Posted by ArmedCMT View Post
i think this only applied to non violent drug related third strikers but im not 100% on that. I also have a coworker whos bf's brother is supposed to be getting out of prison and thats his situation.

I dont understand how these guys didnt end up back in jail.
Regarding the one size fits all three strikes law:
Violent felony one:
1. Domino's driver convicted of felony assault on two persons that robbed him. Both robbery suspects required hospitalization.
Violent felony two:
2. Convicted of beating an armed burglar in his apartment. Felony aggravated battery.

These two violent felony convictions were for beating felons in the act of committing another felony. One more and he goes away for life. Had he shot them, this would not be an issue. He used his fists. This person is my brother. His wife died last year due to complications from being beaten during a car jacking.

Yep. He is the new definition of dangerous criminal that is only a threat to those that threaten him or his family.

The lunatics run the asylum here in this state.
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