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Looking for an FFL dealer in the Burbank area for an off-roster interstate intrafamilial transfer. (father to son, Alabama to California, glock 21 gen4)

I've called 4 different shops and heard 4 different responses ranging from "yes no problem" to "no off roster transfers period" to "don't use an FFL just fill out the form on the DOJ website". I've also called and email the CA-DOJ but haven't heard back yet.

My understanding was that I'd have to pay DROS, sales tax and whatever fee the FFL charges but that it was legal. I wasn't 100% clear on if my father should send it himself or through his FFL. Now i'm sorta unclear on all of it lol and am worried about doing something illegal. any help would be appreciated as well as a referral to an FFL that will do this if it's legal.

(hope this was the right place to post this)

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