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Default Why Should I? Assaulted II Update

Last night I received a comment stating, I already donated to the first campaign. Still not sure why I need to donate again? This is a fair question that Im sure many of you have, so I will use my answer as todays update.

Before I start with my answer, I want to thank each of you for your donations. Each of you made it possible for us to conduct 55 interviews, capture some great b-roll and do the research that will make Assaulted a meaningful documentary and one that we hope will change minds and sway opinions when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. laid plans of mice and men.

Last fall when we held the first Kickstarter, gun control and assault weapons were mostly the subjects left for the court of appeals. California gun owners with the help of CalGuns Foundation, SAF and other state gun associations successfully stopped SB249, a bill that would have made Bullet Button equipped AR-15s and AK-47s illegal in the golden state. It was a cautious victory but one, combined with court successes across the country, seemed to show positive progress on the ability to exercise our 2nd Amendment right. We therefore had an open completion date on the project.

Then all hell broke loose.

Obama was reelected and suddenly the UN Small Arms Treaty was back on the negotiating table and the possibilities of end runs around the 2nd Amendment. This bad news was followed by the horrific news of Newtown and the snowball of executive and legislative action that now has gun owners facing 31 gun control bills in congress and many more across the 50 states.

Taking the argument out of the courtroom and into the theaters.

All of this has put an incredible amount of pressure on us to get this film completed and into theaters. We need to triple the size of the post team to finish the film in early March. Combine these challenges with the fact that our efforts to secure an underwriter to cover the finishing costs have been unsuccessful, forced us to return to Kickstarter because we no longer have the luxury of time. The gun control debate is now front-and-center in American media and the need to complete our film has grown exponentially.

Thank you, again.

Were here asking for your help again, whether its a donation or encouraging your friends to join us. If you feel that you have given enough to our project, know that you have helped us immensely with your funding and we appreciate it. If the current ammo shortage has left you with a few extra dollars in your pocket, consider donating it to the film. You may not be able to blow holes into a target this weekend, but you will be helping us blow holes in the arguments that are being used to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights.


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