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Originally Posted by SJgunguy24 View Post
The Feds won't even keep people from jumping the border illegally. That's the actual job of the federal government per the constitution.
Originally Posted by Ford8N View Post
Gee, somebody else actually gets it. If the feds are not going to enforce the immigration laws, get rid of the whole Immigration Department, save me some tax dollars. Or, is that Department some kind of welfare to work job employing people?

Law abiding gun owners are easier to push around, criminals just ignore the law. Your rulers know what is best for you. And if you do not obey, you will be arrested.
The feds are slowly changing the scope of the immigration enforcement agencies to inspection of goods and services. Our forum has an RSS feed from the Border Batrol, and each day they print out records of how many busts they've made of people trying to slip knock of Levi's or Disney toys past this nations iron borders. They do toss a few child molester busts in for good measure too, but it's astounding how much effort is aimed at protecting copyright/patents of big corps as opposed to the security of individual Americans. That latter theme you mentioned also applies to "unauthorized entry" as well. If you obey the law, you wait your turn in the system, but those that don't are ignored, and at this point, they become the reason we need "reform". The difference is in this case though, the feds let illegals run free to make a case for the "needed reform" to increase the amount of immigrants, while they let violent crime loose to make a case for "needed reforms" to decrease rights
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