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Originally Posted by dullfig View Post
ok, is ANY of this going to be challenged in court?

We're unlikely to get much from the California courts. A few things are possible, but they require really awful laws that scream for redress.

Rather, we need success in Federal courts, to clarify what the Second Amendment requires and prohibits. US Supreme Court decisions are the figurative 'clubs' to beat down legislative error.

That is In Progress. One must resign oneself to the reality that courts do not run on Internet Time.
Calguns Wiki, Magazine Qs, Knife laws

Ask CA law questions in the How CA Laws Apply to/Affect Me Forum - most questions that start 'Is it legal ...' go there.

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Heller was 2008. McDonald was 2010. Things started getting bad with GCA-1968.
It takes time to unwind 40 years of bad law.
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