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Originally Posted by todd2968 View Post
Part it out store it in your gear
Return the same way
Everything gets x rayed now days coming back. However no one really gave a crap when it came to our weapons coming back. Someone had a Sig in our main body coming back , some CPT . All they said was throw your rifles and pistols on the x ray machine belt and step through the metal detector.

1)AR15 Aero Precision Skeletonized Lower
2)WW1 or WW2 era US Army 1911
Pre 1924 preferred (Not Arsenal Refinished)
3)S&W 686+ anything between 686 to 686-4
4)S&W M&p9 or 40 FRAME

Originally Posted by DanDanPumperMan View Post
DV you are an attention whore. This thread sucked and so do 99% of your posts.
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