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Originally Posted by FishdudeNY View Post
Cranked out 1000 on my 650 yesterday...Took about 45 minutes, I was working slowly!

I am wondering if I will ever see Small Pistol Primers here in NY again!!
Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
You sure that's not an exaggeration? I loaded 70 in 10 minutes, going slowly (first time using Dillon). I will definitely get faster, but that seems out of the normal range for a 650. The only way I could see this happening is if you have a Mr Bullet Feeder with a Hornady die and all the primer tubes full so the entire process is automated and ready.....

No offense..

That's pushing it, but not impossible. If you have a loaded case feeder, bullet feeder and primer tubes. One pull of the handle every 2.7 secs not including the time it takes to refill the primer tubes though.

Definitely not a leisurely pace though.

My fastest with my old LNL AP with bullet feeder, but no case feeder was 100 rounds in 7 minutes. That was a pretty fast pace and not having to reload any tubes. 4.2 secs per loaded round.
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