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Originally Posted by DRAB_81 View Post
How the hell did you miss the part where huge OP stated it was his opinion???

Yes, there are guys who will waste $600 on a Glock just because the Internet said they were AWESOMERR than everything else. Then there are guys like me, who waste even more money & and tons of time trying other guns, because guys like you say Glocks suck, only to find out that the Glock is actually the perfect handgun FOR ME...

I admittedly went through the same motions when I bought my first semi (started off with revolvers). I avoided Glocks for a while because I thought it was mostly fanboy hype. There I was, happy with all my Sigs when one day my friend brought his G34 and told me to shoot it. Immediately and naturally, I was shooting it far better than my other pistols. Couldn't justify owning guns that cost 2x+ more than a Glock when I shot it better so I sold my Sigs (along with H&K, etc).

To me, the Glock is perfectly what I want in a utilitarian pistol. I won't feel as bad if it gets taken into evidence should I ever have to use it in self defense and I shoot it well strictly on reflex. Parts are cheap/abundant/easy to replace. I have my revolvers for joy shooting and admiring.
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