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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
Yea, when I shoot my friend's Gen 4s.. they feel just as good without the Grip Force adapters.

Xanatos: I understand your contention with extreme fanboys.. but I just don't see how you saw the original post as a fanboy post. It seemed like a very reasonable post which he assessed each gun that he felt fit HIM best.

Sometimes, what I find more annoying than fanboys are the anti-fanboys. I liken them to "zealous atheists" that take every chance to bash religion in the most annoying and "fervor" way possible (and I'm not even religious). Does it really affect you that much that someone else has a different belief/like than you?
The fact of the matter is he wasn't trying to say these are the top three best polymer striker fired guns for him. He was saying these are the best three and here's why by making certain inaccurate and false statements. And while certain ranking is subjective, it's plain to see that the way the OP tried to grade the guns was from a personal perspective, not from an unbiased, information giving standpoint. He wasn't saying these are the best 3 striker fired handguns for me. He flat out and said these are the best 3 period and then biased the scoring based on what works for him (but not for MOST people) giving Glock points that are undeserved.

Why it really bothers me? Because someone who doesn't know any better may end up wasting $600 on a Glock to find out holy crap this gun doesn't fit in my hands at all. Or worse yet only think these 3 striker fired polymer pistols are the only ones worth looking at. If the OP came in and posted saying these are my top 3 favorite polymer striker fired pistols I couldn't give a flying **** less, but by blatantly stating these are the best period and defending his reasoning with false information is LYING (whether intentional or otherwise).

Hell there was hardly a review. Just a recap justifying why the OP thinks the Glock is better than everything else despite the fact that he had to inflate its scores in certain categories. An example of a good review would be something on par with Nutnfancy (regardless of what you think of him as a person, he does give unbiased reviews covering many aspects of the firearm) or those posted on
Originally Posted by JeremyS View Post
And menstrual cramps? Seriously, you [nrakid88] have complained about more things here than I think I have ever seen in a single thread ...air quality, noise, discomfort from glasses, "feminine attributes," and "macho masculinity," and sexism (there's an ironic disconnect here somewhere), compassion, grammar, people "tearing you down," your more-sensitive-than-normal ears, people who you perceive to be recoil-sensitive, how you "FEEL", liberals........ are you for real???
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