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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
Yea, when I shoot my friend's Gen 4s.. they feel just as good without the Grip Force adapters.

Xanatos: I understand your contention with extreme fanboys.. but I just don't see how you saw the original post as a fanboy post. It seemed like a very reasonable post which he assessed each gun that he felt fit HIM best.

Sometimes, what I find more annoying than fanboys are the anti-fanboys. I liken them to "zealous atheists" that take every chance to bash religion in the most annoying and "fervor" way possible (and I'm not even religious). Does it really affect you that much that someone else has a different belief/like than you?
Thank you. Xanatos is already on my ignore list. He is hostile towards ANYONE that doesn't agree with him. But he continues to post on this thread.

Back on topic. I like the Gen 4 better because of the grip texture, the mag release and the smaller grip. Had over half a dozen gen 3 Glocks but sold them all, the gen 4 just fits my hand much better. Like I said before, I love them all. Each has unique characteristics and none are perfect.
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