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This is a post I made in another thread about an experience I had at work recently.

I think one of our biggest problem now is public perception. The media is bombarding the public with the "assault weapon" term. The media is leading the general public to believe the AR 15's are some how more powerful than they any other semi auto .223 rifle.

I was talking with a very pro gun women the other day at work. She is highly supportive of the second amendment and has first hand experience in defending herself when she shot and killed an intruder.

During our conversation she was voicing her concern that she may be disarmed by the new laws. She said that we should not have assault weapons though. She said, no one hunts with AR 15's. I told her that I did, and in fact hunted quite often with mine. I told her I hunted coyotes and deer. Wide eyed she said, doesn't it blow the deer apart? I laughed and said no. It is actually a very small caliber for deer and I have to be very accurate to kill deer with it. She then asked how that could be when I "sprayed" the deer with all the bullets when I pulled the trigger. I had to explain that the gun is semi automatic and fired only one round with each pull of the trigger.

After We talked for a while she explained that she had been misled by the news because the news was telling her that these guns shoot huge bullets that blow things apart in full automatic fire.

This is my point. If someone who is extremely pro gun, supports the second amendment, is concerned about being disarmed and unable to protect herself and has actually used her firearm to defend herself, is totally misled by the bias in the media. Then what chance does the average, non gun owning person have of getting the correct information to come to a rational decision on the issue.

We need to somehow come up with a national education campaign to educate and get the facts out. We need to create "commercials" showing simple to understand examples comparing weapons so the public can be correctly informed. We need to bombard the airways with examples of the lives saved by the responsible ownership and use of firearms.
I think this film will go a long way in getting our message out to the public. It will boil the message down to the most basic, this is about our CIVIL RIGHTS. Dig deep guys and gals, I know it hurts but if everyone donates just a small amount we have this in the bag.
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