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Originally Posted by gorenut View Post
I agree pretty much with what the OP posted. I put Glock and M&P up there with striker fired guns and I've tried pretty much all of them. The exception is.. I'd put the Glock's ergo even higher than the M&P's for me if I put on a Grip Force "beavertail" adapter on my Glock. While the M&P generally feels better in my hands (same goes with Walther), the Glock just feels better when I'm actually shooting. I have a strange grip and ride the gun really high with my hands so all that flat surface on the Glock really helps my support hand and thumb. The Walther is one of those guns that I really wanted to like, but in practice, the weird muzzle flip turned me off. I owned a P99, while not the same trigger, the overall ergos are the same as the PPQ.

Pretty much for me, the only handgun that beats out the Glock for me in ergos are probably revolvers. Even CZs and 1911s feel kind of lacking clear estate for my support hand. Again, thats just me and its mainly attributed to the way I grip the gun and having meaty palms.

Same here, I've tried multiple platforms and always come back to Glock... Especially with the Gen 4 models.
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