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Originally Posted by Xanatos View Post

Let's try and break down the absurd amount of ignorance in your post.

Point of ignorance #1: There is most definitely a right and wrong grip angle. The right grip angle is what works you as an individual. The wrong grip angle is one that doesn't work for a human hand. Between these two extremes is a continuum. The fact that Glock grip angles are significantly different from EVERYTHING else definitely puts it further on the wrong side of the continuum for most people.

Point of ignorance #2: Just because everyone who owns an Apple iPhone says it's God's gift to consumers doesn't make it true. Same goes for Glocks. Just because people who own a Glock say they love it doesn't mean it's practical or reasonable for most people.

Point of ignorance #3:

Congratulations on being a dip****. There are approximately 20,000,000 teenage females in America. You found one which I believe still qualifies as "very few". You can find another 10,000 Tori's and my qualification of "very true" still would be a true statement.

Just because you were dumb enough to fall for Glock's marketing and now feel a need to justify your buyer's remorse doesn't make the rest of us ignorant for not liking Glocks based on actual facts.

Just because you disagree, it does not make me ignorant. You seem to have a difficult time understanding this topic, yet call others ignorant
Here's the definition since you don't know what the meaning of the word is:

Your preference or even the preference of 1,000,000 others does not make my preference wrong.

The bottom line is that YOU can't shoot a Glock and think there's a physical or mechanical problem with them, yet the only problem is user error.
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