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Default Election/ Directorship Announcement

Hello All Hands:

SMGC is pleased to announce the results of our recent Elections and appointment of new Directors.

The BoD for this year will consist of the following persons: John Hermsen, President/CRSO
Harry Harrison, VP/HP Director
Matthew Kokoska, Treasury/Secretary
Dave Ellis, BoD, Radio Control/Work Project Coordinator
Mike StClair, BoD, All around good guy. Sanitation Expert

The BoD is also pleased to announce the resumption of LR events with the placement of M Sgt. James Wagner as the LR Director in Andre's stead; the firing schedule for LR should resume in April.

In addition, the Pistol Program will continue with 1st Lt. Crystal Sokoff taking Andre's position as the resuscitator of that Program earlier this year. Crystal will continue on and bring us a couple of CMP EICs later this year I hear!

For those wishing to assist the HP, LR or Pistol Directors in the conduct of Matches, Stats, Range and Target setup, Admin. Please contact the Director of the discipline you wish to support for further instruction.

SMGC is also pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Perkins as RSO/OIC Training Coordinator. Aaron is your guy to contact for those wanting to receive training as RSOs for Club events.

Mr. Van Texas will continue on as our Membership Chairperson and Medical Coordinator; which is an excellent segue into our most glaring inadequacy, namely, we have no other Medical Personnel, EMT or higher certification to relieve Van should he need a break or be indisposed. This can directly affect the conduct of SMGC events at the Base, it will cancel them. So if anyone knows of some Medical folks interested in shooting, get them out and get them participating with us!

Thank you all very much for your support and we'll continue to bring you outstanding shooting experiences at California's premier venue, Santa Margarita Gun Club.

That is all, carry on.

John Hermsen, President/CRSO
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