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Default At Turners nothing lately.

I used to buy about a gun a month at Turners Pasadena but haven't been back for 2 months as there is no stock. I was interested in a Sig P226 or P229 and when I called to ask about one, they said "not likely". I've been to Guns Direct in Burbank as well and they also are mostly out of stock.

What is surprising is that the Gun World Burbank seems to have a steady flow of incoming firearms. Earlier this month I went in and they had many Sigs, mostly in .40. I wanted a 9mm and kept going back weekly to see if they had one coming in. Finally they had a P229 Enhanced Elite in 9mm and I jumped on it. I went back after the 10 days and they we're mostly out of stock on the P series but they still had SP2022's and some other. Then the following week, I went again and they had received about 5 to 6 P series Sigs. Gun World is usually more expensive but I didn't care this time. This place is definitly getting more than their fare share. If you don't care to pay a little more and one it bad, check them out. Make sure you have plenty of time to waste thought because they are really busy.
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