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Originally Posted by Shenaniguns View Post
What I'm saying is that it's not a problem like many tell themselves, there is no "correct" angle and the "bulkyness is easily controlled by both large and small (aka a teenage girl's) hands. Too many people worry about some great "feel" in your hands when you're not shooting instead of how it shoots in your if you know what you're doing. On a side note, the Gen 4 ergonomics definitely helps out for many complaining.
It’s probably safe to say that most gun/pistol enthusiast factor in the “feel” of a gun in their hand as significant part of the decision making to buy it. Regardless of how it performs, and we all know the glocks score high in performance, shouldn’t a gun mold nicely in your hand? Shouldn’t the angle be just right to adjust ergonomically to the human hand? Outside of guns, shouldn’t any tool that we use fit comfortably in our hand?

And yes, I’ve considered the Gen4 Glock, but like everything else, they appear to be hard to find right now and have yet to hold one.

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