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Penal Code 30630(2);

If a peace officer who lawfully
purchased an assault weapon or .50 BMG rifle pursuant to paragraph
(1) and properly registered the firearm in his or her name, and who
has honorably retired from the law enforcement agency, the officer
shall notify the Department of Justice of his or her change in status
and continued ownership of the assault weapon or .50 BMG rifle. The
notification shall include written documentation from the head of the
law enforcement agency from which the officer retired, or a designee
of the department head, stating that the officer
honorably retired from the agency. As used in this section,
"honorably retired" includes all peace officers who have qualified
for, and have accepted, a service or disability retirement. For
purposes of this section, "honorably retired" does not include an
officer who has agreed to a service retire ment in lieu of

(3) The Department of Justice shall develop a program authorizing
a retired officer to file a "change of status" form for purposes of
paragraph (2), shall develop and adopt a form for that purpose, and
may charge the retired officer seeking to file that form a fee
covering the reasonable cost of providing this service.

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