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Originally Posted by kcstott View Post
Which is one reason I don't care for stepper machines. Too much potential for error and no feedback. Drive just send pulses and if the motor is stalled the control doesn't know.
I'm going to be my typical anal retentive self now and I'm referring to your use of the term servo motor when talking about the spindle. I know you mean vari speed in such an application but the proper term is "Vector driven" "Vector" referring to the torque curve used to generate the torque at all spindle speeds. tomAto tOmatO it all come out even in the end.

VFD's are a cool little gizmo's, plug in 220 single phase and get 220 three phase out at a slightly reduced amp capacity.

One of these days i'll get a full CNC. House first then toys opps I mean tools

I know it's 5X what you paid for this machine but a Haas toolroom mill is a very nice entry level industrial machine. And used they go for half of retail so about double what you paid for this. Oh the dreams>>>>>>
Not correct, it is a vector drive with servo encoder for servo is arguably the proper term....i think...

A Haas toolroom mill? 3000 lbs? How the hell would I get it up the steep hill into my garage? I'm already pushing it with a 1000 lb machine! Luckily I have lots of people right now who owe me favors...

Anyway, I found with my last mill that I don't need much of a work envelope for what I do so I think this will be fine. If it makes chips, i'll be happy.
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