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Lets see.... Califorina Drivers Handbook 2012, Page 29.

Reduced speeds.

You must drive slower when there is heavy traffic or bad weather.
However, If you block the normat and reasonable movement of traffic by driving too slowly, You may be given a TICKET.


I haul arcade machines, Up to 8 of them in my F250. When there is a line of traffic behind me, I ALWAYS pull over and let them pass. Otherwise, If some one thinks that they can pass on a curve, They will try.

Speed Limits, California Drivers Handbook page 28

California has a Basic Speed Law. This law means that you may never drive faster than it is safe for current conditions.

If I am hauling a heavy load, and I drive too fast, I could cause a pileup. But if I drive too slowly, Then I am creating a traffic hazzard. So, If I am hauling a load (3000+) and I drive 55 in a 65 mile zone, Am I required to pull over to let others to pass?

As for the rock, I live under one. I am a Rancher/Farmer. I also repair full size arcade games.

Seriosusly, If I get a ticket for driving too slow, With 2 tons of walnut shells in the back of my F250, Can I call you as an expert wittness?
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