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Originally Posted by AfghanVetOrcutt View Post
Sure did: 31B Military Police
Sept 2006-Feb 2012
Ft. Leonard Wood (Lost in the Woods) for OSUT BCT (Sept06-Apr07), Ft. (the) Hood (Apr07-Oct09), Ft. Knox (sux) (Oct09-Feb12).
Afghanistan Jul08-Jun09, Jan11-Dec11
Spent all 5 1/2 years with 3rd Brigade 1st Infantry Division "Big Red One"

During both deployments I was basically an 11B, humping across Afghanistan with 80lbs of gear. I don't really know what a real MP does...
Originally Posted by Standish View Post
Originally Posted by Standish View Post
Originally Posted by AfghanVetOrcutt View Post
I just got out of 3rd brigade. Dirty Dukes. Are you going to 1-26 or 2-2? Those are the 2 infantry battalions in the 3rd. I was attached to the Blue Spaders (1-26) on the last deployment and on the first deployment 1-26 was in the Korengal Valley (think of the movie Restrepo if you've seen it. 1-26 replaced the guys in that movie and did even crazier **** than those guys.) There are a lot of knowledgeable people in both of those battalions. Let me know who you end up with, what company and battalion, I might know some of the guys if they haven't PCS'd. Oh and enjoy Knox, it sucks so bad. In winter there will be a 3inch layer of ice from Dec to Feb and in summer its so humid you can cut the air with a knife.
You were an MP with 1-26 inf in the korengal?? tell me more about this.[/QUOTE]

You responded to me in a PM with:
Originally Posted by AfghanVetOrcutt
Originally Posted by Standish
I was at the KOP for about 3 months, spent some time with RCP in A-bad and then was chillin in J-bad for the last 5-6 months.
Orcutt, my boys from the Korengal/KOP are saying you were not there for 3 months. I also have some contacts from your unit that confirmed this...
RCP out of Abad is not "humping 80 lbs across the 'stan"...

So, spot on scuba steve
Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
Minus the whole infantry thing.

Kunar Prov, A'stan '08-'09, 1-26 INF
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