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my husband is an aussie.
as such he is "conflicted" re private gun ownership....
we have some interesting "discussions".

having said that i can tell you that, yes, it can work.
he has fired some of my guns when in the high sierras.
he never goes to the range with me.
he does not clean my guns. i do.
he does not interfer with my gun buying or ammo hording.
he has asked "do you really need that?" and i usually respond with "i want it".
he is a computer geek into the latest gadgets.
i do NOT share that area of his interest with him.
and, yes, we have lots of other things in common, particularly movies: we met at a movie festival and belonged to the same movie club but didn't realize it.

some years ago there was a reverse 911 call put out by the sheriff stating that there was an armed felon loose on the other side of our ridge...and shots had been fired so be on the look out and stay safe. hubby told me then that perhaps it really was time for me to "arm up". he recognizes my desire for self-defense. he also understands that range time is "zen" time for me and has said to me "gee, isn't it time you went to the range?" one of my best days ever was a tai chi class followed by range time followed by a good movie.

so, yes, it can work. marriage is always work. have your fantasy but realize you can make it work if both of you want it to work. admittedly, my hubby is open minded. remember: in a marriage you need separate interests and you need shared interests.

and don't let a fantasy ruin your chances at having a good relationship.........
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Just use it for an excuse to keep buying "her" guns till you find the right one...good way to check off your wanted to buy list with the idea of finding her the one she wants of course :D
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