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I guess I can come on a little strong sometimes. Sorry about that.
I'm pretty passionate about this kind of thing. On an open forum where you have people seeking advise about defense guns and calibers, I don't want to mis lead anybody.
Firing warning shots and thinking you are going to control the situation is a little neive as well. Things rarely turn out the way we plan, we must adapt. We can't choose who is going to break into your home.
In 1980 my parents were involved in a pretty scary situation. Someone was knocking on the service porch door on the side of the house in the middle of the night. To get access to the door, this guy had to get over their 6' fence. My father grabbed a 38 revolver and confronted the guy on the other side of the door. He was warned my father was armed and my mother was calling the police. Then the guy knocked a solid core door off its hinges and came after my father. He was shot in the hip but didn't flee outside, he ducked behind a door. Three more shots were fired through the door but didn't connect. Knowing he was almost out of bullets my father was going to wait until the guy was right in front of him before he shot again. The guy came at him and collapsed on the kitchen floor. My father covered him until the police showed up.
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