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We had a guy in our DET that we called "Snacks" - he was a fat, PT failure POG from day one. Well, he was required to work "the wire" (military / field detention facility). He worked 2 months, in an environment where HE was THE MAN and good lord. He showed up for guard muster / roll call one day in a plate carrier vest, with velcro thingies, pouch thingies, extend-a-baton (which he was not authorized) and the list goes on.

I was "assistant guard commander" and I immediately smashed that ridiculous, POG geirdo vest thingie immediately. He mentions "Well I am a third class petty officer" a paygrade GIVEN to him after his 17 day reservist bootcamp, yes 17 days. I ended the conversation and sent him on his way, sandy vag and all.

Shortly thereafter, I get called back to the facility to "decon" an inmate who had been OC sprayed. Guess what? It was SNACKS, who was clearly in a bad mood from getting punked.

Command Master Chief responds by reprimanding ME verbally... And restricting all below E4 guards from carrying their ONLY non-lethal weapon authorized for use in secured areas: OC spray.

But that's OK because daddy is a Corpsman. Per. US Navy regulations one cannot be above a 23% body fat. When we did our de-mob physicals he was FORTY SIX percent body fat. Yes sir, nearly FIFTY PERCENT LARD!! NEARLY ONE HALF LARD ARSE!! The Medical Officer agreed and signed the forms, writing further statements about the unacceptable morbid obesity, etc, etc.

I promptly wrote a recommendation that he be included in remedial PT, body composition program and possibly reviewed for administrative separation from the Navy due to "clear cut and egregious lack of physical conditioning due to no underlying pathological or justifiable reasons".

Last I heard, SNACKS got out of the Naval Reserve due to being a PT failure. Good, we don't need non-hackers in ANY capacity of this ALL VOLUNTEER military!!!!
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