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Originally Posted by mud99 View Post
Haven't figured out the CAM side of things yet, but I build most stuff in solidworks. Any recommendation on CAM software?

I'm probably going to use Mach or LinuxCNC on an Atom PC to drive the machine
I used Pro Engineer for years. LOL it takes years to learn it. Very powerful but steep curve getting down. I don't recommend it to start.
We also had "Conversational Programing" which was easy and fun but a little slow.

There is probably 100's out there is my guess.

With the correct Post Proceser you can pretty much talk to the machine with most software..

Or learn to use the G code in your system.

I guess I cant really offer much- the company I worked for supplied Pro E and that's what I had to learn. Not much experiance with others.

All our machines water jets as well- we used a PP to communicate..

Ya may want to make some containment around the spindle and table cuz fluid will be flying!! Maybe it has some already..

You will be making some cool parts with it thats for sure. And they should all look the same LOL!!

I retired a few years ago and I only have manual machines in my own shop. Old School crankin handles, but it works.. One off is cool but if ya have to make two -Its a PAIN!
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