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Originally Posted by desertexplore View Post
Every time I see this conversation, I think of the time I was on-duty and did CPR on a young boy who got shot in the chest by a .22 and died.

Consider a storm of .22 coming down on you, not good. Not the best SD round, but just might do the trick.
I don't think anybody is arguing the fact that 22's can kill.
When it comes to a "defensive" round you want to end the threat NOW, not on the 25th shot, but the first.
We are talking about using a 22 as a defense round, not trying to ask if it can kill. If you are defending using a 22lr for defense over larger calibers, I guess we just cant get through to you. Go ahead and use it. Just be sure and tell that bad guy who is trying to kill you with his 45ACP to stand still so you can pump several rounds into him and wait for the results.
I'm done.
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