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Originally Posted by jaustin612 View Post
Heres a good one...
2 squids airwingers from Texas fly out and refuel in Okinawa.... Over night they try to have their way with a local national.... That was in October I believe, we've been on restricted liberty, no alcohol off base, and a 2300 curfew ever since then.... 2 people ****ed over 48000 servicemembers.

Yup.. that's pretty much wins it all. I'm gonna be ****ed over too since I'm going to Oki very soon. Is it true those two dirtbags are reservist?

Last week after field ops we where told we are going home a day early because we did a good job. Then serialized gear check came... some SGT lost his NVG. So we had to look for it from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, we policed walked 2 ranges day and night in the rain looking for this "lost" NVG. Friday afternoon we have to unload and unpack everything just to look for that thing. Saturday morning they brought in some metal detectors, still no avail. We found countless comm wires, radio connectors, flashlight, some arty gear, and I personally found a dud helicopter ammo ( probably a 20 or 30 mm) but no NVG. And so we head back, making the new CO very disappointed. After a few days they found it, according to the story circulating, some CPL lost his NVG so he stole his SGT's NVG and tried to engrave his serial number on the gear. When he found his, he just stashed the "lost" NVG in a Humvee. What a dumbass.
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