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Originally Posted by Oliver_Charles View Post
Forget LaRue. Forget costa. Hype kills. Costa doesn't. He makes figurines of himself. He's a joke in the socom world. Ever seen him light up a paper target and then swivel his head back and forth 5 times really fast? Situation awareness is one thing, but index the guy you just smoke checked to see if he's dead first. Then have a look around. Retard. He's a great trick shooter but doesn't hack it in real world. I have some Larues. But they are no better than my Daniel defense or LMTs. Get a gun a run it. If you hitting a paper plate. Engaging muliple targets. Practicing transitions and failures. Keep it up. You are training to kill bad guys. Take a carbine course with guys that punch lights for a living. I do. They don't have costa's. they have colts and USGI mags. And Aimpoint comp2s.
too funny!!!
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