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Please do tell us your experience about defending yourself with a 22.
I'm not even close to suggesting it can't or doesn't happen, I'm questioning given a choice, weather it's a good idea vs larger calibers.
If you are going to make a choice for a defense caliber, a 22 is a very bad idea in almost every case. The guy who spoke of his wife being perticurally noise and recoil shy, practicing with a 22 will probably de sensitize her. If you have a fear of your weapon or pulling the trigger on a human life, maybe a gun isn't a good idea. Yes people die from 22 gunshots every day, so what, if I have a choice I wouldn't even think of using it.
We all have a right to decide for ourselves. It's a very personal choice, just don't give people the impression 22's are "the right choice".
Another thing I keep seeing is putting X amount of shots into the perps 10 ring (usually more than 10 shots). What makes you think the perp is going to be standing still letting you perform such a task?

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