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Originally Posted by Teohenwhy View Post
Am I right for being really pissed off right now?? They could have at least been honest and posted a sign saying " Closed for Super Bowl "
I have picked up two weapons in the past 60 days, each time I called the vendor the day before to verify all was ok, and the best time to come by.

I am picking up another handgun on Saturday, and will do the same check. The vendor for this last weapon worried me with their multiple person system, it was 3 different people from payment to paperwork, and I was worried that my gun would not be clearly marked with my name and SOLD. I made the last person prove to me that my gun wasn't with the guns that are available for sale, and mine had my name attached.

I was at Shooter Warehouse last mid week, about 2pm, the service was a little slow for the time of day and only one other customer, however the guy I dealt with was helpful and pleasant. I priced 3 or 4 guns, and their prices were fair. However one guy either the owner or manager, an older guy, sets a bad example. After I arrived 3 or 4 more customers come in the door and some were waiting for help. The older guy comes out, completely ignored them and stood, not helping anyone, nor was he doing anything else, and after a few minutes disappears into the back.

However I had the same experience at a Rancho Cordova gun store recently too. In this case I was told to talk to the owner, who made no effort to welcome me to his store since it was my first visit, and acted like it was a bother to even answer any questions. In fact he was just standing at one counter drinking a coke, not doing anything when the other sales person told me to go talk to him.
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