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I work 24 hour shifts so I am gone at night a lot. Thanks to my wonderful mother in law, my 40 year old wife is still a little uncomfortable with guns. I have taught her to shoot and have plenty of "better" home defense choices on hand. Unfortunately, most are just too much gun for her comfort level. The compromise we have come to is that if someone breaks in, she locks the door, gets the .22 pistol from the gunvault bolted to the wall behind the nightstand, calls 911 and while she is on hold for 5 minutes she yells that she has a gun and is on the phone with 911. Then fires a round into a couple of pillows on the floor. It's not going to richochet off the carpet (in the upstairs bedroom), and I believe it will be enough to scare anyone away. I think it's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone will willingly come up the stairs knowing there's someone at the top with a gun that isn't afraid to use it. Is this the perfect solution? Hell no. Will it be effective? I think so. After she fires the first round she sits in the corner with the pistol pointed at the door and 911 on the phone. Anyone that comes through the door gets one to the chest (or as many as she can get off). It might not stop the coked-out-homicidal-schizophrenic axe murderer bent on a serial killing spree, but frankly I'm not too worried about that. The most likely scenario (which is still extremely unlikely in my opinion) is a quick smash and grab intruder. The best defense I have against them is a couple of big dogs. If they still come in and I am home, then I go to the 12 gauge.
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