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One day in AIT we were ordered (as usual) to conduct hygiene and barracks cleaning after PT and before marching off to school.

I was by myself sweeping the stairwells, as was my assigned duty.

The senior Drill Sergeant burst in through the 1st floor stairwell and I heard him coming up the stairs. I yelled out "At Ease!" Even though I was by myself. He looked at me for a minute, and grunted "Hooah..carry on Private".

He proceeded up to the 3rd floor (where everybody else was). Every single soldier, to the last man, was either sleeping, listening to headphones, or just vegging out. No one was cleaning out of 100+ Soldiers.

The Drill Sergeant flipped a lid and started screaming for everyone to "Fall in" in the corridor. He yelled it several times because a lot of people were laying on their bunks with headphones and didn't hear him.

I heard the ruckus and sprinted up the stairs to fall in with the rest of the company. He roared for 10 minutes about the world's worst smoking that we could expect after school that day.

Then things got really bad....

The Drill Sergeant said "Where is that Private who was cleaning the stairwells?"
I panicked for a moment and then shouted "Moving Drill Sergeant!!"

He said "Take a look Privates!! One Soldier. ONE! One Soldier out of the whole company following my orders while the rest of you worthless soup sandwiches lay on your lazy asses!"

(To me) "Private, you are excused from the corrective training this afternoon. You will report to your barracks and carry on as usual."

I ran back to my place in the formation and felt hundreds of daggers flying at me as everyone glared at me in disgust, to no fault of my own.

All day everyone dreaded returning to the company area, knowing what was coming. The Drill Sergeant was as good as his word. Even in the warm southern heat, he ordered everyone into winter PT gear with 2 canteens formed up outside. I pathetically suited up and fell out with the company to try to take the punishment like everyone else. He remembered me and yelled at me to "Go Away Private..go inside!!"

I sat at the window upstairs and watched my entire company get tortured, hosed down, rolled through the sand pit (Volleyball pit, but no volleyball was ever played there), and scuffed up some more for about 2 hours.

I pretty much was Mr. Unpopularity from then on until graduation, and I didn't do a damn thing except exactly what I was told. Welcome to the U.S. Army.

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