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Bunch of idiots in my platoon in basic were shelling out serious cash for food so one day I swooped on two bagels and a Nutrigrain bar. Stashed them in my locker after breakfast to sell later and we had a surprise locker inspection. We were toeing the line and someone got caught with some **** and so we were already doing push ups. One of them got to my locker and all I heard was "Ohhhhh yesssss" and he threw the bag of them towards me. Slid right under my chest as I was pushing. They stopped the inspection and made us go outside where we "learned" how to dig foxholes for the next five hours.

brb cool basic training story bro

When I got to my actual unit I got ****ed up enough just due to the fact they had all just gotten back from a 15 month deployment that I didn't actually **** up. Will post others of joes being joes.
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