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The ranger stopped by to talk to the boys and seemed very happy. She praised their work and offered to get them community service hours whenever we need it.

She also had great things to say about Metalstorm 999 aka Greg from Counter Strike Firearms for unloading the truck all by himself. We overfilled his truck, but he couldn't stay to shoot, so he selfishly took the load out himself and unloaded it alone so the boys could stay and shoot for a short while (we had to be out by noon, a couple leaders had a tax appointment).

There was a minor scare when I couldn't find the key for my gun case, but luckily my son knew where the spare key was.

The boys really like doing it since the payoff is so high - they get community service for high school (if they have their form and if they are in high school), they get community service hours for scouts (you usually need 6 hours per rank to advance) and then they get to shoot.

We brought out a S&W M&P 15-22, a Henry AR7, a Saiga, a Remington shotgun, a S&W M&P .22, a Ruger SR22, a Hi-Point .380, a S&W M&P 45 and a Rock Island 1911A1.

Thank you to Eat Dirt for the donated .380 ammo.

The normal ammo supply is 600-700 rounds of 22, and 50-60 round of every other caliber. At least until ammo is easier to get.

I'll get the pics from the other leader and post them up.
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