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Originally Posted by kama3 View Post
This has gotten completely out of hand....

A little less than 2 weeks ago i was able to get through and talk to the lady who handled my case. First she claimed that they did not get any paperwork from my lawyer. Then after I pressed her to look again, she was able to find it in under 2 seconds: "Oh, yeah, you are right. We got everything we needed a month ago. Let me call you right back".

A week goes by. After all day of calling I get through again.
"Oh, let me see what's going on. Oh... I see now.... Let me call you right back".

3 more days goes by. I call again
"Oh, hm... i did not hear anything back yet. I'll walk upstairs and call you right back"

4 more days (yesterday).
"I am in middle of something. Let me call you back this afternoon"

No call back. Call back this morning
"I'll have my boss call you on Monday. You will have all your answers"

What the hell is that supposed to mean??? All this **** over 2 O/U shotguns and a misdemeanor arrest in 1995. And after they allowed me to buy 2 handguns and 3 shotguns in the last year alone.
At least you actually got to talk to someone who could give you some answers. When I've managed to get someone on the phone I get the same "I do not have access to your file, it could take 2 days or a year to get your firearm released" response. From my experience so far I would have to say that DOJ is screwing with us.
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