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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
It's so nice to learn from posts hete that constitutional compliance has a context! I'll have to let Alan Gura know, I don't think we're cutting Sheriff Richards enough slack. I guess these silly "constitutional sheriffs" were right about discretion and subjectivity after all.
I was under the impression that the Riverside County Sheriff's Department did issue CCWs after making the applicant jump through all the outrageous hoops, which is still better than totally violating the Constitution. I could have sworn that I read on this very forum that RCSD approved 95% of CCW applications received. If I'm mistaken then the issues are bigger than I thought. I'll spend some time researching this when I can. (Or I'm sure someone will correct me within minutes. I'm ready for the onslaught if I'm wrong.)

However, any sheriff who states opposition to the AWB based on Constitutional principles and then fails to issue CCW permits will now disgrace himself further with hypocrisy.

In this case Sheriff Sniff has chosen the side of liberty and adherence to his oath of office. I am certainly willing to take him at his word until proven false. And by that I mean until one single responsible, law-abiding citizen is denied his right to exercise his natural right to self-defense.
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