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I think I remember Hogan's Alley that was from early Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie...correct?
I've never seen a range like that one anywhere ever.
I think you're correct the 9mm is a great way to start low recoil get powerful enough to be affective. yeah 50 rounds do go quick that's why 22 ammo when it used to be an expensive was the way to go.
in my opinion you don't have to clean your gun right after you buy it but remember before going shooting with it to wipe it down especially the inside of the barrel to remove any grease oil that was placed there by the factory to keep it looking good is totally removed. I think it's best to clean after every trip to the range but I know people who go years without cleaning the guns. always keep a very light coat of a good gun oil on everything to try and prevent rust.
you should check with the ranges in your area some do not allow magnetic ammo. some just don't want the bullet to be attracted to a magnet and just a few others don't like the steel cases.
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I hope that helps you welcome to Calguns.
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