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Originally Posted by Bill Steele View Post
When I set my charge, I cycle the drop at least 5 times before weighing. It takes a few cycles before it settles down. I have one of those Uniqutek Micrometer adjustors, so I can go right to a number on the dial and start cycling.

After 5-6 drops, I weigh it. For any of my pistol powders that meter decently (Unique being the exception), the weight will always be within .1gr of my target, unless something is wrong on the drop.

I then check it one more drop to be sure and then once at the end of a batch. I have never had it not be right at the last check, tens of thousands of rounds loaded that way.

Another thing to check is your scale. If you have check weighs, try them repeatedly to assure the scale is accurate and repeatable.

Also check out Brian Enos forums for good advice on Dillon equipment.

Good luck on getting the sorted out.

PS - .5gr is too much variation on the drop for Bullseye, you need to get it sorted out, not just average it, or at least if you do decide to just average it, stay away from max loads.
I want to get it as accurate as possible, so any advise is appreciated
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