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Originally Posted by reckoner View Post
Yeah... the prices these have been going for on eBay are ridiculous, like $175-220. For that amount, I might as well just buy another shotgun.
Depends, if you want NEW? Some new items the pricing is more expensive than gunshop pricing. I have seen quality varies pricing from $30 to $100 plus. There are barrels right now on there for as low as $40, again how much wear and marks are you willing to pay for?

I buy about 20 items on Ebay a year, the deals are not as good as they used to be, too many ebay stores instead of the occasional seller. You have to watch and wait for the right deal to show up. You also need to use a biding service that will get your bid in at the final possible second. You can still win plenty of very good priced auctions without bidding service, but the great thing about bidding service is you don't have to sit there and watch at the close of the auction, usually you will win 7 out of 10 times. What amazes me is how many bid and pay as much as 50% over retail, simply because they don't check what that item goes for retail. Personally I won't buy anything I can't save at least 30% off normal retail and that has to include the shipping cost.

Buyer beware though, I have been stung once, had to send two items back (return shipping I have to pay), and cancel an $1100 order on a grey market computer. However I have saved HUGE on many other deals, my Home theater setup Audio system & speakers I saved over $1000, computers I have bought up to about $1000 in savings, power tools huge savings, $75 on my current Android smart phone, etc etc.

There is a Mossberg forend that I almost bought on Ebay then did the research and found I could get it for almost half the cost from another online retailer. So know your pricing before you buy.
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