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I think Sheriff Sniff writing this letter is a good step, in the right direction. Is it perfect? Nope. Would we have all wished it said, "any law that restricts ownership of guns in any way is wrong"? Absolutely.

But, I suspect he may be playing a political game. Don't completely piss off people you want to reason with. Whether you think he's right or wrong in how he's approaching the problem, I do actually believe he's trying.

I think he should move to a shall-issue system, etc.. But this isn't about CCW. This is about an AWB.. And, Sheriff Sniff says that We The People should have the same things cops have. SBS, AR's, etc.. He's taken Gene's argument of police/military arms ARE what we whoud be able to have, and put it in a letter to Feinstein.

I actually believe, from speaking with the Sheriff personally, that he's trying to do the right thing.. It's like open carry; people started open carrying just to prove a point and got smacked down by Sacramento. He has reason to be cautious given the current climate IMHO.

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